Thursday, August 7, 2008

Where The Money Should Go

It really upsets me how we would budget for house renovations or save up for something only to have him come home with a brand new portable entertainment system! His justification was he bought it on 0% interest. He couldn't understand that what annoys me most is that he made such a big purchase without discussing it with me. There are other things that we could have bought with that money -things that the whole family would have enjoyed and not just him!

Often the source of conflict in marriage is when handling the family finances. Money and how to spend it is always a sensitive topic. Past generations saw the man of the house as the sole breadwinner and thus, the main decision maker. With dual-income households now the trend, more and more women believe that deciding how to spend the couple's earnings should be a shared responsibility. Problem is there are always have opposing ideas about where the money should go.

The way that a person values money may be attributed to his or her upbringing. If brought up thinking that saving for a rainy day is important, this person will probably be conscious about putting away money at regular intervals. It could be because of mismatched priorities. Different personalities have different priorities. The priorities are defined by one's own personality and taste rather than an objective assessment of the family's needs. A husband and a wife are still two unique individuals with different perspectives and would see things differently including how to spend the household budget.

In the end, there are no hard or fast rules to budgeting. It will vary from couple to couple, as everyone has their own set of values and priorities. The most important thing is to openly communicate so that decisions are made and goals are reached through a loving compromise.


sandhya shigwan said...

i agree with your views would like to visit your blog again

Mom of Four said...

Your husband reminds me of mine. And I agree on what you said about, their actions can be the result of their upbringing. I also agree that, when it comes to spending the house money, it needs to be discussed by both parties and come up with the decision that would be best for everybody.
I don't work, so basically, I don't have money to spend for things that I want to buy that are not included in our budget. But I do buy stuff that I want, and I tell my husband after wards..He hates to return wohoooo!!!
I do all the finances, my husband doesn't like head ache, (and I love to budget little money for lots of bills, hahaha!!, as if!)
What I tell my husband is, before he can spend money for things that he likes, all the bills need to get paid first, and the mortgage is always the priority. Most of the time he waits, and it works for him that I explain all the Pros and Cons. I am so lucky, he listens to me..I think, it's the way I open the subject and how I explain every detail. He only has to choose between, living out on the street, or snuggling with me in our bed with velvet covers, hahaha..
Great's the reality of married life..

Have a nice day!