Friday, August 29, 2008


Once in my life that I've met someone... He came like thunder and lightning that suddenly stroked my heart leaping with joy and happiness. No matter how innocent I was then, good memories with him will linger forever....

I was innocent until you came;
I love nobody until you came;
I knew nothing about love;
I knew not how to care.

I was thoughtless when you came;
I knew not where to go, i was living yet without a goal;
I kept on waiting for nothing every morning and you came and helped me change my being.
You taught me how to miss you;
You taught me how to long for you, you made myself entirely new.
You are not at all perfect yet I thought you were an angel.
You are a fraction evil yet i know I vow to love you forever.

Could you blame me? came and taught me everything


Mom of Four said...

Ito bang poem na to eh para kay Pareng Dadnificent? Hehehe.BAka kapag iginawan ko si Superdad ng ganitong poem eh, bigla akong ayaing mag Honeymoon...
Great poem..

MOMnificent said...

Hehehe... Mommy nag reminisce lang ako sa first love ko wlang magawa char! Wag ka maingay kay Dadnificent hahaha... joke! I have naman my poem to Dadnificent i post ko rin hehehe..

Take Care!