Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Some ways to protect your child

Almost everyday we can hear in the news on TV and radio and can read in the newspapers that a child was kidnapped and abductors were asking ransom money before they will release the child and threatened parents to kill the child if they can’t raised the money. The worst scenario is what if the parents of the child have no money to release? What also if these kidnappers mistakenly have abducted your child? With this happening in our society, parents should be more cautious and should start to educate their children to be careful in talking to a stranger because they would not know if this stranger is a friend or foe.

I know that it is very difficult to talk and warn your child for he or she can’t still distinguish who are dangerous people and who are not. Whenever my child and I will go to public places I see to it that my attention is more focus in him. My child is so friendly to people that he can see and would even smiled and say Hello! or Hi!. One incident that had happened is when a teen-ager boy has approached us in our sit while eating in the mall. The boy sits with us and was showing me a paper to read. I read the paper and he was just informing that he’s a student and has no money to pay for his school. Although I did not believe him I still gave just a small amount of money so that he will just leave us. I stand up for awhile and get water to drink. When I got back to our sit the teen-ager boy is still around and was talking already to my kid and they were both laughing out loud and was so very friendly to my kid and so I immediately called my kid’s attention and explained to him that being friendly to other people is not bad but you should know that not all people are the so-called “friends”.

Here are some ways to protect your child

1.Teach your child to say “NO” if a stranger will approach and will invite to go with him. Immediately Go and Tell to a trusted adults.

2. When in school emphasize to your child never to get into someone’s car and wait until you arrive. It is better stay and wait inside the classroom.

3. Don’t leave your child unattended especially on public places e.g.. malls, parks, etc. Always accompany your child even in public toilets.

4. Have always a plan in case she or he gets lost. (e.g) when you’re in the mall or in any public places stay where you last saw your child. Have also a secret word that only the two of you know.

5. If your child is big enough, teach to ring the emergency number to ask help.

6. Put in your child’s wallet your card with your name, address and phone # on it. If he or she is still small sew it into his or her jacket.


Mom of Four said...

Yes MOmnificent, kidnapping and abduction don't only happen there, it's worst here in the US. Sexual abuse too is a problem here. Most of the time, I get scared when my kids go to school, but there's nothing I can do, they have to learn and if they don't go to school, we, the parents go to jail..We all need to really be careful with our children..Lots of bad people out there..You can't go anywhere anymore..nowhere is safe in this world..

MOMnificent said...

Yes, Mommy so many cruel people nowadays. Here in P.I. there's this insane man who hurt a 4-year old girl as the latter was just playing outside their house and would you believe this insane man has removed the 2 eyes of that girl using only his hands. Really insane. Hay.... maybe he's into drugs. HUhuhu...Kawawa talaga yung little girl. Have a great times!