Wednesday, August 20, 2008

First Date at the Disco

Were you in your teens at the mid- 80’s? If yes, am pretty much sure that you have experienced going at the Disco with your friends. How about going at Disco with a Date?

I remember my First Date was at the Disco. It was unforgettable, most embarrassing but humorous one.

I was so nervous then but so excited on what to wear. Dancing to the 80’s tune made me really crazy. Disco dancing were my friends favorite past time. My friends advised me to just be on my casual chic that time. I wore jeans, a tank top, flat shoes and spear myself a mild perfume. My date then wore jeans also, white t-shirt with collar match with a pair of black shoes. How can I forget?!

When me and my date were on the dance floor I saw many friends, I simply can’t control myself to socialize and gone wild dancing with my friends, that I almost forgot that I have a date dancing with me. We occupied too much room on the dance floor and just having the time of our life dancing. The crowd’s favorite disc jockey plays most of our favorite Dance tunes. I was sweating and catching my breath when my date asked me for a break. I still felt dizzy, from dancing and from the lights also, as we were heading back to our table. I didn’t notice that there was still one step down on our way--- I fell! Yes I fell! I was on my knees and my face was practically on the floor! Really, what a shame! It was really embarrasing that I wanted to run home already or hoping the floor will open and eat me alive!
Luckily, the floor was carpeted and my face was just mildly hurt hehehe… I stood up and gathered my composure with the help of my date but have not heard any single word from him, he just smiled at me. (Hehehe) You know that feeling? Can’t even look at his face, I was soooooo…. ashamed!. Unfortunately we didn’t end up together and maybe he said to himself what a girl! (he-he-he..)

Lessons learned on that incident was to watch our manners when in public places. If you can't handle it- avoid marathon dancing or dancing too much to the point of losing oneself. Keep your steps simple and if you’re a dance expert, don’t be too eager to show-off. If you have a Date with you, spend more time with him. You should also know when to have a break and have a “Kit-Kat” (chocolate) he-he-he.


Mom of Four said...

Dang! you didn't hear from him after that night? Hehehe, you're not meant for each other, that's why...
The very first time I went on a date (official one with the one that I like, hehehe))was June 20, 2001. short date, since I was on my lunch break, but it left a big impact. (I married the guy, gave me 3 beautiful kids,a house, and tons of bills, hahaha!!)
I never disco dance, coz, I can't dance, I am not graceful enough. Hey, don't be embarrassed if you fell, accident happens all the time..I think, he's the one got embarrassed by the incident.
Well, good day to you again my dear momnificent..See you next time..

MOMnificent said...

Hehehe.. thanks mommy Yes I think so he's the one who got embarrassed. At least I have showed to him that I know how to dance. O diba Bongga! hahaha.. Take Care Mommy.