Thursday, July 31, 2008

Remembering Bimbo

Bimbo is my Auntie’s favorite dog. I remember Bimbo, a Japanese Spitz Breed Dog who used to stay at my Auntie’s working desk every time my Auntie get up from bed and start her day working in her newspaper and magazines business.

Bimbo is a very curious and lively breed dog. He acts like a personal guard to my Auntie and will even barks my Auntie’s driver and salesman if they were given money for their travel to deliver the newspaper and magazines. He is really a good watchdog. When my Auntie will go to the kitchen to get some food to eat that’s the time that he will get down and assist my Auntie and be back again when the latter returns back at her desk and do some paper jobs.

My Auntie loves Bimbo so much that this dog even have a separate bed inside her bedroom and He will not fall asleep until my Auntie will sleeps first. By the way my Auntie is a single-blessedness and so most of her time was then devoted in managing her own business and taking care of Bimbo.

It was in the mid-year of 1990’s when I received the sad news from my Auntie’s household helper that she passed away and died of heart attack. She further told me that in the morning before my Auntie died she was able to narrate her pain the night before and only she and her dog were in the house. She told her helper that Bimbo didn’t leave her and even saw the dog crying while she’s in pain and almost had collapsed at the stairs. Bimbo didn’t know what to do and you can see in his face how worried he is. If only he can talk he would have asked help to the neighbors and bring my Auntie that night in the Hospital.

Bimbo is just a mere dog but nothing can surpass the love and respect that he has showed to my Auntie. Though He can’t communicate thru words you can feel in his actions how much He cares for my Auntie until the latter

This is a lesson to all the children out there to show our love and respect to our Parents Before it’s too late don’t be ashamed to tell how much you love them.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Lesson Update: " My Family"

“My Family” This is one of the lesson updates that I’ve read in the assignment notebook of my preschooler boy when he’s still in his Kindergarten junior. They were asked to paste a Family Picture in a cartolina or hard colored paper and describe each role of the Family members and a graded oral recitation will be given the following day.

Knowing this, my husband, son and I have prepared the materials to use and write the role for each member of the Family. While I was teaching my son, I remember my own Family that I was so emotional not noticing that I am teary-eyed already. I told myself then if I would be in my son’s situation now I think it will be very hard for me to describe and give the role of my Family.

I came from a broken family and my Father and Mother were separated since I was in my Fourth Grader and I have never experience doing the same assignment with my parents even in my preschooler days. They will always fought at that time and they hired me a tutor to help me in my studies.

Having this kind of experience in life I became a more matured woman and I didn’t let life take me to the depth of hatred, anger to my parents. Maybe the way they live up with their Marriage is a choice, they choice not to save their marriage and be separated.

For all the couples out there please do something to live with your Marriage and continue to show the love and respect to all the members in the Family.

Here’s a very touching lyrics of “ My Family Song” that a friend of mine sent this to me in my email box. Her name is Wendy from California. After hearing this song I’ve sent her an email thanking her for this very nice composition. Although the lyrics is just short but it really touches my heart after listening to it.

Sorry, I am trying to upload the melody of the song but it seems there’s a problem in the connection. Try it later. Thanks.

“My Family Song”

I can remember your eyes.
Looking up into mine.
The tiny baby( babe) so innocent, so divine.
How I felt God’s love surround me that day, then I held you in my arms, your tiny voice seems to say….


Look At me Dad I can swing high, I can run, I can play, wish me luck Mom in going to school on my first day.
Hold my hands, watch me grow, give me courage to succeed. That’s why God gave you to me, My Family…..

Everyday I watch you grow.
I wonder to myself what is my role as a parent, as a teacher and as a friend.
I’ll give my love to you.
Each and everyday you’re the music to my ears when I can hear you say….
(repeat chorus)

Look at me Dad I can swing high, I can run, I can play, wish me luck Mom in going to school on my first day.
Hold my hands, watch me grow, give me courage to succeed. That’s why God gave you to me, My Family…

( repeat chorus)

I love you Daddy and Mommy.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Step Back and Beat Stress

Just how much pressure can we take? Coming home after a day's work feeling exhausted and craving some quiet time alone. But Moms still have to prepare dinner and tend to the kids and the hubby. Moms are often so good at taking care of everyone else that we forget to take care of ourselves.

Stress may be considered as any force coming from outside or inside that puts tension in a person, and if we are not able to cope with that...our health is on target. Compounded problems or continued stress can lead to respiratory diseases, hypertension, irritable bowel syndrome, migrains, ulcers, insomnia, allergies, acne, and even heart attacks. It can also cause emotional problems such as anxiety, panic attacks, depression, feelings of self doubt and hate. However, study shows also that a mild degree of stress and tension can compel us to do a good job and to work energetically. It said that body responds to threatening situations by releasing stress hormones like adrenaline that trigger the so called fight or flight response. These allow us to deal with the immediate problem or run away as quickly as possible.

What is important is how we respond to stressful events. Being resilient and adaptive in the face of problems is needed so that stressors dont drive us over the edge.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Mom, "Please read me a book".... reminds me of my "Reading Father"

This is the very nice favor that my son asked me to do for him. Read him a book.

Oh! I love reading books since I was small, maybe because I grew up with a “ Reading Father”. Yes, would you believe a reading father that is very uncommon these days?

My father loves to read books to me especially before going to bed. I remember him checking me in my room and will bring some books and read the whole story to me and repeat it all over again until I’m asleep. He has also the patience to explain to me of what was the story all about and the good lessons that I have to learn on it.

Reading is an excellent time not only for cuddling and bonding, but also for teaching the great values of life. Moms and Dads should be happy and proud if you hear your sons and daughters asking you to read a book for them.

Reading books for your children is an intangible wealth and no one can offer much for this.

So for Moms and Dads please take time to read books for your children for this is the best ever gift that you can give to them.

For Political Recovery-Do we need another Clarissa Ocampo?

Hearing this name before, I have asked myself are we related to this woman? My Lola on my father’s side is an “Ocampo” a native Ilokana, a very brave woman. She uses her intellect before going into action and I admired and missed her so much. This is what Ms. Clarissa Ocampo showed to us when she bravely brought down the Former President of the Philippines.

Ocampo is a woman with a very strong belief of what is right and just. I do hope and pray that her courage and determination teaches the Filipinos to be honest and not live with lies and corruption.

In our everyday living we encounter crooked man or if not crooked men who only thinks of themselves and that has no more conscience of doing the wrong and bad things.

The Philippines is longing for a political recovery and with this, do we need another Clarissa Ocampo? Or just wait for these crooked men to meet their angels and guide them for the TRUTH.

Treat your Spouse with Kindness

Nowadays it doesn’t matter who return first from a long day of work between you and your spouse. What is important is the elegancy of your arrival.

It’s time to go look in the mirror and do some heavy self analysis, and take action within your home by starting to be kind and show kindness not only to your children but first is with the one you love most-your spouse. God is above all of us and He gave you your spouse to be the central person in your life. He or she should feel loved, comfortable, confident and even charismatic in your presence.

With the presence of our children we sometimes forget already of our spouse. A simple kind acts whether it is simple a love note, a kiss and hug is important for a marriage to survive. Before it’s too late think what kindness means to your spouse and take action on it today.

Wanted Sideline

With the present economic crisis, two-income household and sidelines are not only common, they are now necessary. Dictionary define Sideline as a business or activity pursued in addition to one's primary job or business, a second occupation. Sometimes our workpay is not enough and we just needed some extra income to cover some extra family expenses.

Some viable sideline ideas that working moms have already gotten into...
  • Cellphone Load Station-the number of prepaid cell phone card users add up to more than a milion and that number grows each month. Although coercing our family and friends to get their load from us can assure us of a regular stream of customers, our objective here is to build a wider and loyal consumer base.
  • Baking or Food Concessionaire-if our family polishing off our special sandwiches or scrumptious brownies when they are even barely out of the oven, then whip up delectable treats and offer packed homemade goodies to earn extra cash. Food business is the best business, many say. Undeniably, food is a necessity and can be a lucrative source of income if the business is well thought out.
  • Tutoring-although anyone can be a tutor, a college graduate with some tutoring or teaching experience is preferred by parents. We can set up a couple of hours during weekend afternoons while our child is napping. Seeking out clients who just live near our area to maximize our time.
  • Fashion Accessories-If we have an eye for fashion and accessories, we may want to create our own designs and supply to our social network and retailers. A wide variety of plastic beads, sequins, locks and tools can be bought for bargain prices.

When choosing the right sideline, take into account our past experiences, our strenght and weaknesses, our interest and our personality. An important factor in a sustainable sideline is to gain loyal customers who will regularly get from us or refer us to their network. Selling to family, friends, husband's officemates and our neighborhood is the classic way of generating start up sales. We can be more aggressive, however, and tap establishments for bigger volumes and regular orders.

Friday, July 25, 2008

How this Started......

Reminiscing the good days in our job wherein we have so much fun, excitement and the thrill of receiving our full monthly salaries plus sales commissions that is enough to cover up our monthly expenses and even have some extras to buy our favorite clothes, accessories stuffs at "Ukay-Ukay" ( 2nd hand apparels) , dine in our favorite foodspot, etc... But then oops...... these were all in the PAST. The reality is now here and we realize that we don't have to stick on the Past Thing but instead do something and create an interesting pastime and hopefully earn extra income for this.

Just thought of creating this blog to voice out the stressful but challenging experiences being a full time working mom.