Thursday, August 14, 2008

Too much of good things

Cellphone has now become so vital to modern life giving us instant info and constant access to our family and friends. Infact, we have even given our kids their own to use. Scientists, however, are raising a cautionary hand on the excessive use of this technology, especially by children. We parents should ensure that our children do not overuse mobile phones because of their potential health risk, as counseled in a new study. Despite the hard proof, it would be wise to take precautionary approach to cellphone use, until all the health related doubts are removed.

There are reports suggest that mobile use can affect brain function and that radiation from the phones can cause DNA damage, though long term studies have yet to be done. If there are risks and we think there may be risk then the people who are going to be most affected are children, and the younger the child the greater the danger.

Children might be more vulnerable with their immature nervous system, greater absorption of energy and a longer lifetime exposure than adults. But understandably giving a cellphone to our children is a necessary security measure. So to minimize possible radiation hazards, study recommends that children under age nine should not use mobiles at all. Children nine and older should keep calls short, if possible, text instead of call. And, use a phone with a low emission rate, the manufacturer knows about this.

Seems like too much of good things can sometimes really be bad.

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Mom of Four said...

Most of the time, too much good becomes bad..Being average is always safe...When my 14 yr old son asked me if he can have a celfon, I said, he's too young..When he's old enough to take care of it, (and he needs to earn getting one, ie..taking out garbage, having his homework done on time..), then He can have it..But until then..he can use the home phone for calling friends..I don't even got one for myself.
Take it easy...Have fun now..