Saturday, August 2, 2008

Discipline Thing

My husband already prepared a plastic ruler to use whenever our one year old needs to be disciplined. Is this part of spanking? Moms and Dads has different responses of what spanking is but all seems to agree that spanking is hitting whether using bare hands or a thing. Is it right to spank? This has long been an issue for parents and educators. There are those who assert that it is right to spank, even going as far as quoting a Bible message "To spare the rod is to spoil the child." And then there are those, mostly from the field of child development, who will say that spanking will have a negative effect on the child in the long run.

Is there a need to spank? If rules are clearly established, and parents and other adults consistently follow through with the implementation and the consequences, then our children will know that there is such a thing as discipline or management at home. This simply means that they have to abide.

What is the right age to start disciplining our children? Discipline should start when the child is born. Discipline is a life long process. Better to set up a routine for infants. Basically, routine is already a part of discipline.

We should sit down with our spouses and have a heart to heart talk as to the discipline techniques we want to establish with our children, so both is consistent in implementing them. This way, we don't send conflicting messages to our kids.

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