Friday, August 8, 2008

Easy way to teach ABC's

The easy and fun way of teaching ABC's to your toddler is to try to post Big Letter "A" on the wall of his room for 2 to 3 days and read this out loud until he or she can recognize the letter A. After 3 days post the next letter that is Letter "B" and so on until the last letter "Z". Do the same in numbers by starting from one to ten.

During the nursery years of my kid I found out that it's so easy of him to recognize all the letters in the alphabet and so with the numbers one to ten.
So, to all moms out there, let's start this very simple but a resourceful way to teach ABC's to our kids.


Mom of Four said...

Thanks for this post..I have 2 more toddlers that can use this strategy..I will try to keep every letter posted for 3 days, I will be surprised if it stays for more than 1. My kids can rip anything that they get their hands into..Typical children of mine..

blessedmom said...

great suggestion mommy! i'll try it on my toddler. :)