Friday, September 19, 2008

What is the First Aid?

Childhood injuries are inevitable. Are we prepared for these and provide the First Aid before having your child seen by a doctor?

Most common injuries are minor cuts and scrapes, severe bleeding or deep cuts, nosebleeds, poisoning, and burns.

Children are very curious in everything they see, hear, smell, taste and feel or touch. They want to explore all things around them not knowing that some of those are dangerous on their body senses.

I remember my friend story when her daughter holds a hot iron inside their room. Her daughter is crying in pain and she had no idea why she is crying and so she asked the yaya and have known that her daughter holds the hot iron that she puts in the corner of the room after she has ironed some of the clothes.

They were all in panicked and were advised by his husband to immediately wash it with running water and so her child was temporary relieved but still you can see on her face the pain. Good thing, on that day was her daughter’s scheduled visit to her Pediatrician and so the mother narrated the incident and asked the Doctor what is the first aid for burns. The child Pediatrician immediately asked her who left the hot iron in the corner of the room. The Mom replied, me Doctor. The Doctor said, well the First Aid is you, then the yaya and whoever is around in the house to look after your daughter. After this simple sermon or advice from the child’s Pediatrician they all laughed and accepted the fact that they are all should be blamed of what had happened.

With this, the Doctor reminded her that the First Aid for minor burn is to immediately flush the area with cold running water for several minutes.

We, parents should be more cautious. Kids are growing fast and the more that they get curious of everything they see around and they would want to explore these immediately. It is now our responsibility to double check harmful stuffs we put in our house. We have to educate our children that some stuff is dangerous to touch, see, hear, smell and taste.


Mom of Four said...

NO matter how careful we are MOMnificent, our house cannot be childproofed. Child cannot be left alone roaming around the house. Alex, she's 15 months old and got her fingers squeezed in a drawer so many times that she still opens it like nothing happened. When my 2 year old is quiet, she's into something. Accident can happen in a blink of an eye. When we have kids, we need extra set of eyes..
But, First aid kit and don't panic is very important to remember.
Have a good day.

MOMnificent said...

Yes Mommy that is very true. Sometimes it is better for them to experience some minor injuries so that they will learn something from it. At their age expect that they will like to explore things around them. Great day mommy.

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