Friday, September 26, 2008

The Interviewer

One February of 2007, a school is in time to hire new preschool teachers for the next school year. Those who have applied were asked to go to the board and deliver any topic to kindergarten students.

An aspiring teacher started to introduce herself and was discussing a subject. While, everyone were listening and school officials were asking some questions, a kindergarten boy raised his hand and asked, Can you please tell us a story?

The teacher was disturbed and felt uneasy and replied the boy, Yes sure, I will tell everyone a story but maybe later. When she speaks up again she continues to tell something about herself and so the boy stands up again and said…“Teacher that is not a story”, we want a children’s story with a moral lesson. Ooh…. the Principal and some staffs of the school were surprised of what the boy have said to the teacher.

Can you guess what had happened?, Yes dear, poor aspiring teacher she was not able to deliver even a simple and short children’s story to the students. She was not prepared and so the member of the screening panel have decided not to hire her. The most tough of all the interview questions was remained unaswered, and that is the one that came from a boy. (he-he).


Mom of Four said...

When someone applied to be a Kindergarten teacher, she needs to at least know a Children's story. Besides, it's the children that she needs to impress. She probably thought, the children didn't matter in the interviewing process.

Tey said...

week sorry for the unprepeared teacher. She must have learned her lesson now
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MOMnificent said...

Yes, mommies when we've heard about that story me and my co-Mommies at school were all laughing and praise the smart boy. Great time!