Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lesson Update: Polite Expression

My five-year-old son, likes to smile and strike conversation with everyone he meets. It was one Sunday afternoon after we’ve got our grocery stuffs we ride a taxi. In our way home he asked me what is “Maligaya” I answered back it means “Happy”. When we have reached our house and as I pay our fare and pocketed my change, my son leaned forward to the driver. He smiled and said “ Thank you, Sir” . There was no reply.

Thinking he hadn’t been heard, he repeated his polite expression but again the driver was in silence. As I pulled him away, he said to me “ We don’t have to ride anymore here in “Maligaya Taxi”, you know the driver is not happy to have us as his passengers. He didn’t smile and say “You’re Welcome” What is his problem Mom?

At times, children are more likely educated with these polite expressions than adults. Don’t you think so?


Tey said...

shame to the person who didn't smile back. His parent didn't taught him a good manner then
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MOMnificent said...

Hi! thanks for your comment. Yup, at times some adults have forgotten simple polite expressions.

Have a great day!

Mom of Four said...

I guess, there are some people who just don't know how to give response especially to a child. Have a good day!