Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Wish List.....

As the song goes… When you wish upon a star makes no difference who you are. Anything your heart desires will come to you.

Have listed part 1 of my wish list. I know some of these are so crazy and still very impossible to fulfill it now but I believe fate is kind and in God’s time it will surely brings sweet fulfillment of my wishes.

I wish to…

  • meet Daniel Steel my favorite romance novelist and ask all copies of her novels (of course first to my lists are Remembrance, To Love Again, and Kaleidoscope)

  • meet Jo Girard- (top car salesman in the world).I love his “Ferris wheel”.

  • own a fun playhouse business ( so that my son will not go to the mall and pay a per hour basis )

  • have our second honeymoon in Santorini, Greece ( have watch “For the First time” love the scenic view, great for honeymoon destination.

  • go back to Sta. Mesa Manila particularly in Bacood (where I grew up) and meet old friends

  • go to the roof of our old house again in Manila and eat “Kropeck” with spicy vinegar plus Bayabas for constipation he-he…

  • play again “Tansan”(softdrink cap) , “Text” cards and “Rubber band” with my uncles.

  • join house to house Christmas Caroling ( 100 days more before Christmas)

  • be a Chef and cook my favorite comfort food, mashed potatoes (he-he)

  • meet my idol Chef Rob of “Chef to Go” ( He’s so cute)

  • have a new house on top of a hill … maybe in Chocolate Hills in Bohol (he-he)

  • have my own car ( Porsche ?) ooh… wishing only.

  • meet my classmates in Grade School and High School again. ( most especially my crush -our President in the class)

  • have a fine dining restaurant and learn the etiquette in fine dining.

  • bring my son in Disneyland ( Hongkong will do since there’s no visa )

  • get to have a Carribean tour with my Family. The ship is Royal Carribean ,my brother is working here.

  • learn to sing “ I am your Brother , Your Best friend Forever” American Idol (lol)

  • meet J. Lo, and Angelina Jolie

  • win in a game show “ Deal or No Deal”

  • learn to bake my favorite blue berry cheese cake.

  • get the old recipe of Goldilocks sans rival (my Dad's “pasalubong” when am still small)

  • eat again Halo-Halo with my Dad in Escolta

  • own a property like a farm lot so I can plant my favorite fruits and vegetables and build a nipa hut. For Retirement purposes (he-he)

  • eat kiwi fruit and try dragon fruit shake.

On Part 2 ... More wish lists to come. There's no harm in wishing . Anybody can make a wish (he-he)

Happy Wishing to all..


emerald said...

sistah! ur blogspot's cool. anyways, i'm a bit surprised by ur wishlist. everything's just so funny and childish. yeah everyone has that innocent spot in us. my
W-I-S-H for u? that u can have at least half of ur wishlist granted =) love daniel steel too esp family album. u take care always. michael and i are just around. mwuah!

emerald racho-ybanez =)

Mom of Four said...

parang ang dami yata ng wish sa list mo ah, hehehe..Sabagay, wishing is free, so, why not diba? I love Danielle Steele too, kaso mas nanaig ang aking pagiging romantic, si Johanna Lindsey, Nora Roberts at Judith Mcnaught na ang aking binabasa ngayon, kapag may chance.
Makapag wish nga rin, magandang therapy yun eh. My first in my list would be...sus..di ako maka decide..next time n lng, Hahaha...
Take care!!!

momzeebitz said...

elloe momnificent!

for a person whose heart's purity can't be measured...

be it a hundred or even more wishes... all will eventually be granted.

love yah sis! mwah!

MOMnificent said...

Hello mommies... twinkle twinkle little stars how I wish all our wishes in life will come into reality hehehe... Happy Wishing! Mwah!