Monday, September 1, 2008

My Love

I once met you.....
Then I felt something I can't deny.
My heart leaping with joy and happiness
and all of a sudden I know you were mine.
I am happy whenever I see you each day.
You and I may not be the perfect pair.
The kind most people dreamed themselves to be....
Just as long as you and I are both aware that life is what we make it to be...
Then we won't care what others have to say. Our love will guide us and show the way.
There could be no one for me but you.
You're the best thing that ever happened to me.


Mom of Four said...

Monificent, nag Goosebumps ako sa poem mo ha..feel na feel ko ang LOVE..kapag binigay ko kay Superdad ang ganyan, i frame non at ikakabit sa wall, gaya ng marriage license namin, hahahaha...muntik ng ipa laminate, sa sobrang happy yata at pinakasalan ko
Ingat ka

MOMnificent said...

hahaha...parang My love to you grown deep in my heart because it takes a woman like me to love a man like you (lol) (2) songs yun pinagdikit ko lang baduy noh? hehehe.. K , Mommy pag naglambing ka kay fafalicious sabayan mo ng poem.

Great times!