Thursday, September 18, 2008

i do blog

In my blog hopping I have come across this blog, written by a 24-year old Indonesian whose passion evolves around his computer and his work. is about the writer being expert in his field being a web programmer and course instructor. And is currently teaching Internet Marketing. He is also available for private class sessions.

He had this interesting post about “How to search on Google..” I thought then that you just simply write the terms or keywords you want to search on at Google. But there’s actually tips on how to optimize the search result on Google. So you’ll get exactly what u want. Like, using (-) for each word that you want to avoid [some] words on your search result. Example: type ‘BMW 318i -red’ then all the search result wont contained ‘red’ word. Another one is using ‘filetype:’ to find information based on a file type. Example, if u want to search an information about ‘ridho’ and u want all the result is a pdf document, then u should type ‘+ridho filetype:pdf’.

There are a lot more things you’ll find in his blog, check and see for yourself!