Friday, October 17, 2008

To answer or not to answer....

I am a sales person by made for 16 years now and have been giving my calling card to my prospect clients. Phone numbers of my clients are listed in my phone list so that I can easily know who is calling me.

Everyday I am doing a sales call activity and whenever my mobile phone rings I wished that it would be from one of my clients who I am expecting to close the sale. At times if I saw that the number is not listed in my phone book I won’t answer and just ignore it but sometimes the calls that I ignored are from my clients using a new number that I don't know of. That then is considered a missed opportunity. Not until I have found this website who can help us track where the calls coming from or if that call is intended for me.

Who's Number is That provides me an answer to my question, I was able to trace whose calling me. They also have this special added value service " Reverse Cell Phone Lookups" that I was able to trace where all my "missed calls" came from.

Another thing, have you been disturbed by telemarketers? that even if you don't want to buy their product they still keep on calling you? we can actually blocked phone calls from these telemarketers. In October of 2003, the federal government made it possible for subscribers of both cell phones and land lines to block unwanted calls from telemarketers. By registering your phone number, you are effectively removing your number from any database telemarketers may have. To accomplish this just register your number to "No Call List Information".

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