Monday, October 27, 2008

Call of the Child

One day, a mother have found his three-year-old son with the telephone, which the son quickly hung it up when he saw his mother. Mother asked, "What were you doing?". The son replied, I had called my Aunty Tara. " You don't even know her number", mother said. Son replied, "I do, I just called her.
The mother have wasted a lot of breath trying to convince his son that he didn't know his aunt's number, but his son insisted that he had made the call. "OK," The mother finally said. " What did you say to your Aunty, if you have really called her?" His son answered, "She told me I had the wrong number." (hehe.. lol!)


Mom of Four said...

Hehehe, that's funny...Here, we make sure kids don't play with phones because they can dial 911 and cops can suspect something going on in the house...My son did when he was 4, twice he dialed 911, different dates, the last time he did, cop came over and checked out the house if the kid was being abused.
He learned calling phones from Pre- school. Scary though...
Have a good day!

MOMnificent said...

hehehe.. mommy we also have local 911 here and whenever my son mis-behave I will tell him, Alright I will just call "911" and he'll behave. Thanks mommy.