Friday, October 17, 2008

Joke time

One sunny Sunday, a six-year old boy was brought to a store by his parents to buy him a watch for he is always reminding them to buy him one. He likes to learn on how to check the time for they are being taught in school. The boy have picked one of the watches on displayed and the sales lady demonstrated the features to him: This is the hour hand, the minute hand, and this is the second hand. With that, the boy’s face fell., and said Mommy why
“ Secondhand” I thought we were buying a new one”.(lol)..


Mom of Four said...

A six year old knows what second hand stuff means? He must be a smart little fellow.
My 6 year old son doesn't care what he gets when it comes to clothes or anything, be it toys, shoes, or shirts. He knows Mommy and Daddy can't afford brand new stuff for all of them, when he asks for something, I tell him to wait for Christmas, and he would say "Oh man! when is Christmas?, or I wish it's Christmas now..." Hehehe...

MOMnificent said...

hehehe... yes mommy some schools have a very advance lesson. Kindergarten Level 1 are being taught of this already. Kids really loves to receive gifts during Christmas. Hay! buti kung sa mga anak lang natin eh nandyan pa ang mga inaanak hehehe... Tago nalang tau (joke!)Great day!