Saturday, October 18, 2008

Best gift for my nephew

My 6 years old nephew, Bien, wont stay home before. My sister in law had asked everyone's advised because when Bien arrived from school, he would just leaved his bag and would go out again. He was running and playing in the streets with neighbors. Worst on weekends because he was only be seen home during meal time and would go out again after eating. My husband suggested giving our nephew a playstation or video games on his birthday. There are actually available video games for sale on line.

We chose and bought Playstation 3 for him. The Playstation 3 is the newest craze from Sony and it even comes with a Blu-ray DVD player. After a week, my sister in law called us and thanked us because after Bien had that Playstation 3 he is always home bringing along with him his friends.

Video games or playstations can be a lot of fun, but our children can get addicted to it and easy to take over our child's life, so be careful. At an early age we parents should be there to guide and monitor them.

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