Saturday, October 18, 2008

Furniture Store

There is no excuse for a bedroom that puts your teen to asleep-well, style wise. So, a stylist and interior designer in the area turn my teenage nephew's boy's room into a restful haven that's also a study area and entertainment center rolled into one. For makeover starters, they took out stuff that served little purpose, like a bulky black sofa set that was casting the room in gloom. They want to bring in Modern Furniture. Out too went an antiquated cabinet and an extra electric fan. the Bedroom Furniture which they ordered online were moved around to create a lounge area.

The chill central of the room are all in Italian Furniture, the modern Italian sofa with large back cushions propped against the wall. Adding a variety of colors woke up the sleep area, Contemporary Furniture for bedroom set were used. The color combos and texture mixes make the room pretty groovy, but still masculine.

I don't know which one is responsible for turning my nephews room a fabulous room, is it because of the interior designer? or the Furniture Store where the furniture came from? All the furniture used in his bedroom came from the same Furniture Store online.