Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Family History

Would you not want to know your family history? Who would not want to know your forefathers stories? Would you not want to know some interesting facts happened to your ancestors?

We once had a homework back in college to make and trace our family tree and highlight interesting facts happened in the family. It was then I knew that my grandmother was a product of an affair to a married man. My father helped but not much because of limited information. I had gone to the Census and other agencies that I knew who can helped me but it took so much of my time, effort and not to mention cost me a lot too and still I was not able to submit my homework on time. Now, Internet has done so much for us. There is already a website where we can retrieve such information quickly and accurately. Public Genealogy not only help us get in touch with our family roots but also help create our genealogy family tree quickly, easily and cheaply as possible. They have a state of the art genealogy database, we will be able to find all the pertinent documentation we'll need to begin creating our very own family tree!

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