Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Parents: Best Teacher

We parents are so proud when our toddler of aged two recognizes two or three letters of the alphabet. What if your child recognizes all the letters of the alphabet before he or she turns three? Isn’t that an exciting reward for you as a parent as you have started to teach this at home before school? A child whose parents have guided him or her with the basics in learning will have no trouble-understanding teacher’s lecture when he or she enters school. Parents are the “Best Teacher” to their children. A child learning ability will be more develop if parents are there to guide and support.

Here are some ways to develop your child’s learning ability with or without school yet.

Start with letters recognition and then encourage phonemic “awareness”- the ability to recognize a word’s separate, distinct sounds by reciting nursery rhymes and jingles. Teach letters and sounds with fun songs, stories, games and object lessons.

Teach your child to rhyme words like naming words that rhyme in cat. A child who recognizes sound differences would quickly responses “ bat, “hat”, “rat”, “mat”. Teach them of the blending concepts- putting letters together to sound out words.

Keep magnetic letters on the refrigerator, move them around and have the child sound out the words. Trace the letters on food packages like his or her cereals, sounding each letter as you do. Continue reading with your child even when she can read on her own. Make kids mathematics problems your kitchen helpers. Have them count how many bananas are in a fruit basket, eggs in a tray or the sausages, being cooked. Double recipes, cutting apples in half or into four to teach fractions and multiplication.
Getting ready to write, encourage them to practice using buckles, snaps, hooks and zippers as well as teaching them to tie.

Use the 3rd Generation Technology- The world of computers of language and spelling assume less importance-can give a big boost to the confidence of kids A computer allows a child to change words around as he or she writes; spell-checker points out and correct errors.


Mom of Four said...

You are right indeed. Parents are the best teacher. My only problem is, I don't have the patience. Hehehe. Especially, my 6 year old plays while doing his homework. He doesn't like to read, unlike my Wrozlie, she loves reading books.
I admire my sister in law who homeschool her kids.
Oh well, I guess, as a parent, I have to be patient, and most of all, understanding, or I will always smack their behind if not...
Have a good day!

MOMnificent said...

Yes Mommy we have more time to them so let's make reading books as our bonding time. Great day too!