Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Fugitive

Everyday we can see and hear in the news about the most wanted bad guys who have murdered a family, raped a young girl around the city. One night I was watching a TV show tagged as “Scene of the Crime”. The show features the real scene where the crime had happened. Some of the featured crimes would be solved immediately, some cases the prime suspect has gone escape and policemen are still hunting to them and some went to jail and escaped. After the show they would show the name and picture of the criminal. I took time to watch and remember the personal informations of most wanted guys.

One day, I was cleaning in our yard and have known that there is a new neighbor. He looks familiar and suspicious. Every time he passed by in our house he walks fast as if someone followed him. Then I came to know his name, I immediately went inside and secured my son. I checked the website that a colleague suggested to search. Prison Inmate Locator locates nationwide prison inmates records fast with direct data retrieval. True enough, after series of searches, I have found out that the man was a fugitive. I informed the authorities immediately. Thanks to Prison Inmate Locator.

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