Monday, July 28, 2008

Wanted Sideline

With the present economic crisis, two-income household and sidelines are not only common, they are now necessary. Dictionary define Sideline as a business or activity pursued in addition to one's primary job or business, a second occupation. Sometimes our workpay is not enough and we just needed some extra income to cover some extra family expenses.

Some viable sideline ideas that working moms have already gotten into...
  • Cellphone Load Station-the number of prepaid cell phone card users add up to more than a milion and that number grows each month. Although coercing our family and friends to get their load from us can assure us of a regular stream of customers, our objective here is to build a wider and loyal consumer base.
  • Baking or Food Concessionaire-if our family polishing off our special sandwiches or scrumptious brownies when they are even barely out of the oven, then whip up delectable treats and offer packed homemade goodies to earn extra cash. Food business is the best business, many say. Undeniably, food is a necessity and can be a lucrative source of income if the business is well thought out.
  • Tutoring-although anyone can be a tutor, a college graduate with some tutoring or teaching experience is preferred by parents. We can set up a couple of hours during weekend afternoons while our child is napping. Seeking out clients who just live near our area to maximize our time.
  • Fashion Accessories-If we have an eye for fashion and accessories, we may want to create our own designs and supply to our social network and retailers. A wide variety of plastic beads, sequins, locks and tools can be bought for bargain prices.

When choosing the right sideline, take into account our past experiences, our strenght and weaknesses, our interest and our personality. An important factor in a sustainable sideline is to gain loyal customers who will regularly get from us or refer us to their network. Selling to family, friends, husband's officemates and our neighborhood is the classic way of generating start up sales. We can be more aggressive, however, and tap establishments for bigger volumes and regular orders.

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