Thursday, July 31, 2008

Remembering Bimbo

Bimbo is my Auntie’s favorite dog. I remember Bimbo, a Japanese Spitz Breed Dog who used to stay at my Auntie’s working desk every time my Auntie get up from bed and start her day working in her newspaper and magazines business.

Bimbo is a very curious and lively breed dog. He acts like a personal guard to my Auntie and will even barks my Auntie’s driver and salesman if they were given money for their travel to deliver the newspaper and magazines. He is really a good watchdog. When my Auntie will go to the kitchen to get some food to eat that’s the time that he will get down and assist my Auntie and be back again when the latter returns back at her desk and do some paper jobs.

My Auntie loves Bimbo so much that this dog even have a separate bed inside her bedroom and He will not fall asleep until my Auntie will sleeps first. By the way my Auntie is a single-blessedness and so most of her time was then devoted in managing her own business and taking care of Bimbo.

It was in the mid-year of 1990’s when I received the sad news from my Auntie’s household helper that she passed away and died of heart attack. She further told me that in the morning before my Auntie died she was able to narrate her pain the night before and only she and her dog were in the house. She told her helper that Bimbo didn’t leave her and even saw the dog crying while she’s in pain and almost had collapsed at the stairs. Bimbo didn’t know what to do and you can see in his face how worried he is. If only he can talk he would have asked help to the neighbors and bring my Auntie that night in the Hospital.

Bimbo is just a mere dog but nothing can surpass the love and respect that he has showed to my Auntie. Though He can’t communicate thru words you can feel in his actions how much He cares for my Auntie until the latter

This is a lesson to all the children out there to show our love and respect to our Parents Before it’s too late don’t be ashamed to tell how much you love them.

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