Monday, July 28, 2008

For Political Recovery-Do we need another Clarissa Ocampo?

Hearing this name before, I have asked myself are we related to this woman? My Lola on my father’s side is an “Ocampo” a native Ilokana, a very brave woman. She uses her intellect before going into action and I admired and missed her so much. This is what Ms. Clarissa Ocampo showed to us when she bravely brought down the Former President of the Philippines.

Ocampo is a woman with a very strong belief of what is right and just. I do hope and pray that her courage and determination teaches the Filipinos to be honest and not live with lies and corruption.

In our everyday living we encounter crooked man or if not crooked men who only thinks of themselves and that has no more conscience of doing the wrong and bad things.

The Philippines is longing for a political recovery and with this, do we need another Clarissa Ocampo? Or just wait for these crooked men to meet their angels and guide them for the TRUTH.

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