Monday, July 28, 2008

Mom, "Please read me a book".... reminds me of my "Reading Father"

This is the very nice favor that my son asked me to do for him. Read him a book.

Oh! I love reading books since I was small, maybe because I grew up with a “ Reading Father”. Yes, would you believe a reading father that is very uncommon these days?

My father loves to read books to me especially before going to bed. I remember him checking me in my room and will bring some books and read the whole story to me and repeat it all over again until I’m asleep. He has also the patience to explain to me of what was the story all about and the good lessons that I have to learn on it.

Reading is an excellent time not only for cuddling and bonding, but also for teaching the great values of life. Moms and Dads should be happy and proud if you hear your sons and daughters asking you to read a book for them.

Reading books for your children is an intangible wealth and no one can offer much for this.

So for Moms and Dads please take time to read books for your children for this is the best ever gift that you can give to them.

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