Monday, July 28, 2008

Treat your Spouse with Kindness

Nowadays it doesn’t matter who return first from a long day of work between you and your spouse. What is important is the elegancy of your arrival.

It’s time to go look in the mirror and do some heavy self analysis, and take action within your home by starting to be kind and show kindness not only to your children but first is with the one you love most-your spouse. God is above all of us and He gave you your spouse to be the central person in your life. He or she should feel loved, comfortable, confident and even charismatic in your presence.

With the presence of our children we sometimes forget already of our spouse. A simple kind acts whether it is simple a love note, a kiss and hug is important for a marriage to survive. Before it’s too late think what kindness means to your spouse and take action on it today.

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