Friday, November 21, 2008

For 10 minutes I was a Teacher!

It's English Week at my child's school, parents were invited to volunteer and participate in the class to “Read Out Loud” and be the storyteller.

It was actually my co-mom Amy, who is also a friend, the one who volunteered to “Read Out Loud” a Story to the kindergartners. She asked me to help her and was tasked to do the Icebreaker. I have chosen to teach children of a song about emotions.

So I start the ball rolling. To the tune of a Nursery song “If you’re Happy and You know it Clap your Hands” I have changed the three last words of the lyrics of the five emotional reaction. Happy, Sad, Angry, Scared and Surprised. The kids love it and enjoy the song and have followed me on the different emotional reactions.

When it was Mommy Amy's turn to read the story, I have observed that children do really love storytelling. They were very silent and attentive -it shows in their eyes the excitement of what will happen next. Amy was able to cover all the important tips on storytelling. With just few trainings, she can be a Teacher. After all she graduated college with a degree of B.S. English.

1. First, she reads the title of the book and explain that the title of the book is the name of the story. The author and illustrator were told so.
2. She had fun reading the speeches of the speaking animals.
3. A word with Big Letters was emphasized.
4. She has asked the children of questions like who is the main character to test if they were able to understand the story.
5. And last, she gave the moral lesson of the story and has explained to the children that a moral lesson teaches something.

It was indeed a great fun teaching experience for both of us. We learned how to interact with a big crowd of kids and now we can relate to what the Teachers are going through. If I would be asked if I want to be a “Teacher” in the true sense of its meaning, I prefer to be a blogger(lol!)


blessedmom said...

that was excellent mommy! :) i'm learning a lot of "mommy" stuff from u especially on educating kids, and i love it, truly :) keep on sharing ha? :)

ingat mommy :)

MOMnificent said...

Thanks Mommy Sheila. I'm kind a frustrated Teacher hahaha...Teach your kids on different emotions . U may try to draw the faces of emotions on balloons. And of enjoy the bonding of reading with your kids. It really makes a lot of difference. Thanks for dropping by.

Mom of Four said...

Mommy, I agree with you, I chose to be a blogger, more simple and not too much stress...Hahaha!