Friday, November 14, 2008

Annoying Phone Calls

One busy day, as I was attending a big client call and expecting to close a sale, my phone keep on ringing that I have to ask an excuse from my client to answer my phone. To my dismay, it was just from a credit card company offering me to apply and giving other loan options that they have this personal loan salary etc. I told the girl on the line that I am not interested and so I hang up my phone and put it off. Same number called me for several days, same credit card company and same thing I told them that I am not interested and ask them to stop calling me.

As I am on my way to my prospect client to finally close the sale my phone rang, it was again from that credit card company informing me that they approved a salary loan for me and check was sent to my residence address. She further told me that if I wish to return the check it would just be fine and I will have no obligations with them to pay other charges and just deposit back the check to their account. With this, I got irritated and immediately complain the matter to their customer service and fortunately I happen to search this site where you can report annoying phone calls. I want others to know what to expect from that number.

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