Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Morning sickness remedies that work

Like some women, morning sickness is still present even in the second trimester of pregnancy. I still try anything safe to save off the pregnancy sickness - sucking lemon drops, sipping hot teas, even eating crackers in bed. Yet what causes that nauseous feeling remains somewhat of a mystery.

Some researchers contend it's the body's natural defense system at work, protecting our baby from harmful toxins, though the most popular theory is that it's due to elevated hormones. But since all pregnant women's hormones are in flux, why do only a little more than half of expectant moms get sick? Often, more hormones circulating means a greater chance we'll be feeling pukey. I think environment also plays a role: Scents like strong perfume, the sight of certain foods, and motion can trigger nausea. In addition, stress, fatigue and operating on an empty stomach can make us more prone to gastrointestinal upsets.

I have tried the following remedies which not only work but help me get through my daily activities. Drinking ginger tea; sniff, eat and lick lemons - the refreshing smell and taste calm our stomachs; and lastly eating my favorite healthy food, it said that any food will protect our stomach lining. Even if all we can eat is potato chips, go for it. Many pregnant women are determined to eat what they are supposed to eat, but the real key when we are having morning sickness is to eat anything as long as we can keep it down.


Mom of Four said...

Every pregnancy is different Momnificent, I had 4, and Wrozlie was the hardest one, I thought I was gonna die. And yet, I still got pregnant with Alex. Each body responses to hormonal changes during pregnancy. Lucky those women who don't feel morning sickness. Sorry that you do. Few more weeks and hopefully you feel a little better.

Glad to have you back..Take care..

MOMnificent said...

Thanks Liza. Aside from the sickness, I feel tired and lazy too. Hopefully I feel better soon..

Elizabeth said...

oo nga, mahirap nga yn, nkita ko mga ofcmates ko having morning sickness. and tama ka, lemons and citrus fruits help kasi un ang nkita kong lagi nilang kinakain.
anyway, just enjoy it! and don't worry a lot! :) Ingat!

MOMnificent said...

Thanks Elizabeth, still kahit ano pa man itong hirap na napagdaanan ko I still love being pregnant and would want to get pregnant again after this hehehe..

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