Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sweet Treat on Valentines Day

It’s Valentines Day on Feb. 14 and I guess most couples will really celebrate it even to the simplest way they can for as long as they would be together on this very special day. Thinking of what perfect gift to give to your spouse, sons daughters and other members of the family this Valentines Day? Well, I am sharing to all of what my friend -Wendy has passed on to me of a “Valentines Day Tradition” that I will surely will do this Valentines Day.

1.Get up early and fix a sumptuous breakfast meal for your family like bacon, sausage, eggs, waffles and so on. Go for their favorites. Then, hang something red like balloons around your dining room;

2.Write a love-note to each family member and place this on the plate;

3.For your spouse, write him a sincere love-letter. Include the qualities that you loved most about your husband and mention the favorite times you’ve shared together throughout the year.

To all my co-bloggers, have a Happy and Sweet Valentines Day!


Elizabeth said...

Since we're out of budget this Valentine's Day, siguro gawin ko ung #3, hehehe.
ang importante naman is my hubby and I e together and we love each other naman di ba?
pero gawin ko na din ung sumptuous breakfast, para mas masaya! :) parang gusto ko gayahin yang heart-shaped sunny side up na yan...hmmm..

Mom of Four said...

Great idea..siguro gawin ko yung breakfast..yung notes sa family members, hmmm..will think about it, dito sa amin eh kanya kanyang kain. But I can make a note to my hubby, baka maluha sa galak..Hehehe..

MOMnificent said...

Mga Mommies, Happy Valentines Day! Gising tau maaga on Valentines Day hehehe... kung di available ang sausage, bacons, hotdogs etc.... mas masarap siguro kung tuyo,kamatis nalang hehehe samahan mo ng kapeng barako lalo na pag umuulan.Mwah!

Dee said...

Hi! I came from Mom of Four's site. Happy Valentines Day!