Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My Son has a letter to Santa

Last Friday night my son and I are in the mall to get some grocery stuffs for the house. Since it’s already time for dinner I decided to just have a Happy Meal at McDonald's. While eating I asked him what he want for Christmas. He immediately replied and said, Mommy I just want a toy car and a robot- that’s his favorite toys actually so I won’t wonder why those were the ones that came first in his mind. I remember I would like to teach him to write a letter to Santa and so I told him someone out there would make your wish come true if you would be good. He replied, Yes Mom I will and who will that be? I replied, later you would know.

After we ate we walk around the mall and He saw a Big Santa with his reindeers, hang in the ceiling of the mall’s atrium. I asked him, do you see that? That’s Santa and He is coming to town this Christmas to give presents to all the children who were been good and if you write a letter to him, he will surely grant your wish. I saw the smile in
his eyes and said, Mommy when we reach home please guide me on how to write a letter to Santa. I said, Yes I will and I loved too.

When we reach home, even yet without dressing down and change his clothes. He pulled out a pencil and a paper inside his bag and started to write a letter. He asked me how to start it off and how to spell the words. I guided him and so he was able to write a simple letter to Santa telling that he wants a toy car with a remote and a robot. After, He went to his room and gets a stocking (His old sock) and put in the letter and hangs the stocking on the Christmas tree.

He was in silence for a minute and I thought He would stop asking me about Santa, I was wrong, he then asked me, Mom what is the date today? I showed him the calendar and told that today is Dec. 5 and 20 more days to go and its Christmas and Santa would bring you your wish of a toy car and a robot. His face immediately turned from happy to sad emotion and said, Mommy it’s too long to wait for 20 more days and started to count his fingers. I laughed and told him to have patience and Santa would not give your gift if you were in a hurry. Oh! I love his innocence but I’m glad my objective to let him write a simple letter was accomplished.

There you go, every morning when he wakes up he would go and see our Christmas tree. He promised to wait until the eve of Christmas. So to my Dadnificent start to wrap our gift to him and be a Santa on Christmas.


Mom of Four said...

Hahaha, he's the same as my kid Roan. Roan would ask everyday if it's already Christmas..He said he would like to write to Santa, but he doesn't know how to spell some words..He's funny how everytime he comes home from school, he would ask "Mom, is it Christmas yet?"
He was so happy when I finished putting decor on our Tree, he thought it's Christmas..

MOMnificent said...

Yes Mommy Liz, super kulit talaga mga kids. Non stop ang mga tanung Hahaha... Ingat Mommy

Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



blessedmom said...

hello there mommy! how are u? sorry for not getting back to you soon..just got back from a vacation. ..nyway, love reading ur post about ur so writing a letter to Santa..cute! naku ilan years na lng ganyan na rin mga boys ko hehe :)

have a wonderful blessed day! take care mommy :)

MOMnificent said...

Hi! Ms. Julissa (aka)-cinndrella. Thanks for dropping by. Do u have a blog? Have a great time!

MOMnificent said...

Hi! Mommy Sheila(Blessedmom)Thanks for dropping by and leaving me a comment on my posts. Trying to check ur C-box. Ingat!

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