Monday, May 29, 2017

Who doesn't need a house help?

Like many women, after each child was born, we were torn between the desire to be the best mom for our children and the wish to continue to progress with our career life.

But with three little kids whose lives I wanted to be part of, I couldn't see any way to continue on the same career path I had been on when I was still single. I needed a job that would not only challenge and keep me engaged mentally, but would also let me get to my kids' school activities, and where I wouldn't be causing any crisis if I needed to stay home with a sick child.

Working from home seemed to be one of the best alternatives. But finding balance while dealing with work and trying to attend to children's needs was going to be difficult also.

Aside from taking care of our children, our spouse, and our home, we also have our own needs - for exercise, companionship, relaxation, rest, and self-care. And we simply cannot do everything...

Hiring a housekeeper to delegate some of our housework is a way to manage our time more efficiently and it can be affordable, even for those on a tight budget.  It is really hard to find the time or energy for family outings and hubby date nights when we spend our time cooking, cleaning, and taking care of our children. If our schedule is already overwhelming, keeping our house in order becomes a daunting task that can take a toll on our marriage, as well as our health.

Even the best CEO's delegates.  Let's learn how to do that at home and at work, and we'll be a happy woman. The best bosses in the world know how to help their staff take over tasks that they are capable of doing or capable of learning how to do. We can provide the support and encouragement that makes it possible for our staff to grow and develop skills - and ultimately to take over the work.

Whether we are busy with our family and our career, or just want some occasional house help, getting a helper is not only practical, it's a lifesaver.   With little kids, and with part-time work from home--  who doesn't need a house help?