Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Mother's Love is Forever

There is an overwhelming feeling of love that fills a mother's heart whenever she stops and thinks of what a miracle her children are to her life and how absolutely wonderful her life is because of them.

All parents feel a special kind of endless love for their children, yet there is no way for a child ever to comprehend the depth of that love until the day comes when they are parents, too.

A child is a miracle that never ceases to be miraculous. A Child is full of beauty and forever beautiful. A child is loving and caring and truly amazing.

Time will pass by, and so many things will change, but the absolute joy that a child brings to life will only grow deeper and more important.

I cant wait to see my second child soon...


Mom of Four said...

When are you due Momnificent? Do you know what is the gender of your baby? I hope things turn out great during your delivery..Take care and have fun!

MOMnificent said...

2nd week of June na Mommy via C Section, u/s shows that its a girl :). Hopefully everything will be ok. Thanks. And how are you and your family?

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Hua said...

Hi Momnificent,

Great post. Can't wait to hear from you after the big day.

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